Filming Locations

Jurassic Park

Manawaiopuna Falls

Visit the iconic scene of Hammond's helicopter landing on Jurassic Park for the first time in the movie.


Visitor center

Located nearby the coastline, the visitor center is remembered for the epic duel between the T-rex and the raptors. Unfortunately the set was dismantled years ago but you still can recognize the landscape.


Jurassic Park gates

One of the most iconic places of the Jurassic Park series. The door still stand on this very day, visit it to get a true Jurassic Park experience.


Star Wars

Ksar Hadaha

Stranded in the Tunisian desert, the place served as the filming set for the Tatooinian town/spaceport which is seen many time during the movies.



Still in the Tunisian desert, you can find the famous Skywalker's underground house which we can see in the original and prequel trilogies.


Saving Private Ryan

Ballinesker Beach

This Irish beach located 70 miles south of Dublin in the Wexford County was the set used for the mythical Omaha Beach landing scene because it ressembled Normandy. With the help of 1,500 people and more than $11 million to transform this usually quiet beach in a bloody battlefield with over 1,000 american soldiers killed in action.


Colleville-Sur-Mer american cimeterry

The only film set located in France is the American cimeterry of Colleville-Sur-Mer, situated above the real Omaha beach and used for begining and ending scene of the film



Hatfield is a little town on the north of London in the british countryside, Spielberg used its aerodrome to create the battle scene of Ramelle, which take place at the end of the movie.


Harry Potter

King's Cross Station

Almost every person who has seen the movies can remember the place where students from Hogwarts have to run through a wall to get to the famous 9-3/4 platform and then in to the Hogwarts Express.


Leavesden Film Studios

Located in the suburds of of London, those Studios are one of the most iconic film set for the Harry Potter serie of movies where you can notably find the famous moving staircases of Hogwarts or the Grand Hall filming set. The studio was opened to the public in 2012 and receive more than 5000 visitor every day.


Glenfinnan Viaduct

A famous place passage area of the Hogwarts Express where Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley met.


Suzzallo Library

As a fan of Harry Potter, you may reconized the Hogwarts library.


Lord of The Ring

Tongariro National Park

Located in the Ruapehu District, the Tongariro National Park was used as the set for the Mordor scenes, you'll easely recognize the landscape that is caracteristic of the doomed land in the 3 Peter Jackson's movies.



A quite famous place of New Zealand which served to represent the homeland of the hobbits and more specificaly the Baggins, it is where they started their adventure and ended it for both of them.


The Shining

Timberline lodge hotel

This Hotel was used to represent the outside of the Overlook Hotel.


The Majestic Yosemite Hotel

However, they used another Hotel for the interior where Jack goes crazy. (Don't forget to visit room 237)


Apollo 13

Kennedy Space Center

Mainly used in the first part of the movie, the Kennedy Space Center was used as a background prior to the departure of the astronauts for space, the most nautable location would be the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) which consist of an enormous building were the Saturn V rocket was assembled, tours are frequently organised by the Space Center so feel free to visit it!


The Hangover

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

A famous Casino of Las Vegas where the caracters try to earn money to reimburse Mr Chow.


Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Visit the chapel where Stu got married while completly tripping from a drug.



Nijo Castle

The scene at the beginning of the movie shows a japanese castle, this was not filmed in Japan and instead digitally added, however the castle is heavely based on the Nijo Castle in Kyoto. Another scene, reallyh filmed in Japan this time, was the one of the bullet train which was done in Tokyo.



Paris is one of the most famous location that was used in the filming of Inception, most notable places used in the film are the Bir Hakeim bridge and the Da Stuzzi Cafe.



The city's old Souk was used for shooting a scene in the movie that happened in Mombasa, the capital of Kenya. The Souk is the city busy marketplace where you can easely get lost in those maze-like streets.



Kingsman's shop

The most iconic place of the Kingsman movie.


Garrison Church of St Barbara

This church is the place of the fight against Richmond Valentine's zombies and the kingsman's agents.


Eggsy's Home

Visit the place of a chasing race between eggsy and some ennemies.



Rocky's Appartement

This place is one of the most iconic of the saga.


Adrian's Pet shop (J & M Tropical Fish)

Visit the places where the love story between Adrian and Rocky begin.


Philadelphia Museum of Art

The famous place where Rocky end his training in the first movie. In the others movies, there is a statue of Rocky.


The Troops of St. Tropez

Police Station

The famous police station of the movie was transformed into a museum.


Saint-Tropez's Port

This port was the place where the Gendarmes marched at the end of the movie. Most of the shop are still existing today.


Into The Wild

Colorado River

One of the most well known place of Nevada and Arizona alike, in the movie we can see Christopher going the river just before the Hoover Dam in a kayak without an authorization. The scene was shot on place, they started from Lee's Ferry in Arizona since it's one of the only spot you can access the Colorado River.


Salvation mountain

A unique place where Christopher/Alexander stays for a while. Fun fact, the actor who played the creator of the mountain is actually the real creator himself.



The real "Magic Bus" 142 still stands to this day and has become quite a famous destination for confirmed hickers. However its location was too remote for the filming so they build a replica in the town of Cantwell about 80km south of the original.



Ghostbusters Headquaters

Discover the original Ghostbusters Headquaters, which is officially a Firehouse.


55 Central Park West

This building is the one you can see at the end of the movie. The Ghostbusters fights against Gozer and the Stay Puft Man.